This site was created on 1/2/2009:
Welcome to The Spectacular Spider-Man fan site. This site is dedicated to the current animated series based off of Marvel Comics' popular comic book character. Here, you'll find out everything you wanted to know about the series, including bios of the show's main characters, bios of the show's sinister villains, an episode guide, my own reviews of the series' episodes, image galleries, links to Spider-Man petitions (some Spectacular related, others dedicated to the permanent return of Spider-Man and Mary Jane's marriage in "The Amazing Spider-Man" monthly comic book series), and much more. However, there's not much content now, as the site has just been created. But don't worry. Be sure to check back for updates as the site gets bigger and gets more content added to it, which will be coming soon.
Stay tuned, True Believers...

Last Updated 3/31/2011
Sadly, it looks like "The Spectacular Spider-Man" has met its end.  Today, Marvel announced a new animated series, "Ultimate Spider-Man", which will be based off of the comic book of the same name, will air next fall on the Disney XD network.  I am deeply disappointed that such a brilliant and acclaimed series like "Spectacular" will not continue, though since the new "Spider-Man" film in 2012 will also be based on the Ultimate universe Spider-Man, it's not too much of a surprise.  That doesn't mean I'm not bummed out about it, though.
I'll still update this site with new images, reviews, and much more, but it's a shame that this show never got a proper ending.
Why, Marvel?  Why?
- Updated 4/13/2010


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